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When to restring my racquet

Every six months is the general rule of thumb for the average player. There are, however, many factors that can affect the life of your strings. Temperature, light, moisture, usage–they can all cause your strings to lose resilience. That's why restringing your racquet is essential to staying at the top of your game.

When you buy racquet string, you're buying the resilience that's needed to "let the racquet do the work". For the average tennis player, that resilience generally starts to break down after about six months, whether you've used the racquet or not. Think of it like a rubber band. If the rubber band is stretched for months at a time, it loses its ability to "snap back" to its original shape. Racquet strings are very similar–they're under extreme tension the moment they're strung on your racquet. Whether you use your racquet or not, the strings are never "at rest."

Of course "dead" strings can affect your game, causing you to work harder and miss shots. But there are also health implications, since Tennis Elbow (and shoulder problems) can often be traced to "dead" strings.

There are, however, a few things you can do to help ensure that your strings make it to six months. Don't store racquets in the trunk of your car, where the temperature can reach 180 degrees. Carry them with you on planes. Keep them dry. And always store them in their covers when not in use.

There are technical tests that can tell you when your stings should be changed, although most don't account for aging, and the tests that do are much more expensive than simply replacing the strings. The only practical way to see the difference is to find two of the same racquets–one newly restrung, and one with older strings. Hit a few balls. You'll instantly feel the difference.

With the proper care and periodic restringing with high quality strings, you can make sure that your racquet–and your tennis game–always function at the highest level possible.

At Michael Lynne Tennis Shop, we have decades of experience stringing racquets, offer One–Day Service, and can often accommodate same–day requests. Stop in today. We'd love to help you out.

Posted by Mike Lynne on 10/10/2011


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